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Apps cover every aspect of your product development process. A digital transformation platform for the greatest names in fashion, retail, footwear, luxury, outdoor and consumer goods; over 360 retailers, brands and manufacturers trust Centric Software to achieve their strategic and operational digital transformation goals.

The leader in PLM solutions developed exclusively for retail, fashion, footwear, outdoor, luxury and consumer goods companies. Intuitive, user friendly and completely web-based, Centric Software’s solutions provide a “single version of the truth” approach to all touchpoint of a brand’s product lifecycle.

Available on a subscription basis (SaaS), Centric will speed product development, reduce operational costs & increase market responsiveness. Whether you view digital transformation as a way to get closer to your customer, drive product innovation, or to speed time to market in order to stay closer to trend; organizational process change paired with modern technologies like PLM, mobility, cloud & SaaS will facilitate operational excellence across your entire organization.

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