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Mark Fairwhale Drives Total Digital Transformation with Centric PLM™

Mark Fairwhale, China's top fashion menswear brand, has successfully implemented Centric Software's Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, and Centric is celebrating with the release of a success story. Centric Software provides the most innovative enterprise solutions to plan, design, develop, source and sell products such as apparel, footwear, sporting goods, furniture, home décor, cosmetics, food & beverage and luxury to achieve strategic and operational digital transformation goals.

Mark Fairwhale Drives Total Digital Transformation with Centric PLM™
Mark Fairwhale Drives Total Digital Transformation with Centric PLM™

Headed by internationally renowned designer Mark Cheung, Mark Fairwhale is an original Chinese fashion brand founded in 2001. Brands under Mark Fairwhale include DEBRAND, RESHAKE, CAMEL ACTIVE, and 5th SPACE. Mark Fairwhale owns more than 2500 brick-and-mortar boutiques, online flagship stores and online-to-offline new retail stores.

Mark Fairwhale has embraced a total digital transformation strategy, driven by a desire to turn data into assets that create value and realize the potential of in-house R&D and innovation. To achieve this, Mark Fairwhale selected

Mr. Ma Jun, Project Manager at Mark Fairwhale, says, "Implementing Centric PLM has enabled the digitalization of business units of planning, design, and supply chain, and the dots have been connected to transform the entire business. In the future, channel, sales, inventory, and external data will be introduced to support the network-level and ecology-level digitalization of Mark Fairwhale."

With the PLM project, Mark Fairwhale has reorganized business processes, enhanced employees' digital mindset, standardized cross-departmental collaboration, and improved the ability of teams to anticipate demand and respond quickly to decisions.

"Digitalization throughout the value chain is a massive project," explains Mr. Yang Kuntian, CEO of Mark Fairwhale. "We have now taken the first step of digitizing the links from product planning to supply chain, but we still have a long way to go. The future is promising. With the in-depth application of PLM and the implementation of more digital strategies, I believe Mark Fairwhale will unleash its unlimited potential at all levels; business, data and management."

"We are delighted to announce that Mark Fairwhale has successfully implemented Centric PLM, and is experiencing the positive impact of digital transformation," says Chris Groves, President and CEO of Centric Software. "Mark Fairwhale has made their end-to-end digitalization strategy a reality, and we look forward to working with them in the future to gain maximum efficiencies from everything Centric PLM has to offer."

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