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How to Find a Winning Product

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50 mins • 7 lessons

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome as a new online seller is finding products to sell on your website. But not just any product will do, you need to find a WINNING product to increase your chances of success. After all, you could have the best looking website on the internet but if your product isn’t one that’s going to sell then you’re setting yourself up for a tough journey.

In this free course you’ll find out where you can look to find WINNING products and how to assess which products are more likely to be successful for you. Before committing your hard earned money to buying stock you’ll learn how to predict the success of a product and then how to get in touch with suppliers and how to convince them to work with you. We wrap up with a look at hot and trending products to come.

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• How to overcome one of the biggest hurdles for start-ups… finding a winning product to sell online

• How to assess which products will be successful for you

• How to get in touch with suppliers and encourage them to work with you

• Current trending products to sell and how to discover the next big trending product

About Your Instructor

Warrick Kernes, CEO of Insaka

Warrick Kernes is a serial entrepreneur with 14 years eCommerce experience in Africa and Europe. Winner of London’s 2009 HSBC Young Businessman of the Year Award. Founder of the award winning online store Action Gear (founded 2010, exited 2018). Guest lecturer on eCommerce to MBA students. Warrick is a guest author for Entrepreneur Magazine and he’s spent two years serving as a board member of the eCommerce Forum of Africa. He’s spent the last three years expanding education for eCommerce across Africa through the Insaka eCommerce Academy where they focus on helping struggling entrepreneurs to start, launch and grow their own successful online ventures but with the larger vision of upskilling and empowering entrepreneurs across Africa so as to ultimately reducing unemployment across the continent.

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