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How to Develop and Manufacture Your Product

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49 mins • 15 lessons

This course helps you navigate the overwhelming work of developing and procuring your product to sell on Commerce. This blueprint serves to break down every step from design to receiving your product. Learn how you can create the same products that you see around you, and understand the process of communication, manufacturing, and global logistics.

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• How to research to find a credible manufacturer

• How to develop your idea into a winning product

• How to manage logistics of shipping product to your customers

• The value of manufacturing your own products

Your Instructor

Jason Wong is the co-founder and CEO of Wonghaus Ventures, a brand development firm specializing in global manufacturing, logistics, and fulfillment. He has built 7 eCommerce brands and developed dozens of products for his clients. He is known for his $500 product launch framework, which has been profiled by Shopify and used to build his portfolio of companies.

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