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Demystifying QA: Tools to Improve Your Online Customer Experience

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A successful business needs a strong foundation! Join MailChimp‘s Alianor Chapman for a free 25-minute class on testing and improving online experiences that help you — the freelancer, small business owner, and entrepreneur — achieve your business goals.

This class focuses on Quality Assurance Testing: ways to catch errors in your digital products and optimize them for success. Oftentimes, companies think of QA as an expensive luxury. In this class, Alianor shows that it’s a necessity, and something that everyone can (and should) do for a healthy business.

You’ll learn:

• How QA affects your bottom line
• How to effectively test your digital product — e.g. an e-commerce store, website, or app
• Testing methods
• How to customize a QA process for your business

All levels of technical knowledge welcome! The class lessons are accessible and geared towards entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners. Designers and developers may also appreciate this class as a refresher on digital testing basics.

Test like a user (not like a tester).

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Alianor Chapman is the Director of Technical Content and Testing at MailChimp. She leads the team that tests new MailChimp features and products, digs through feedback to better understand their customers, and helps refine the chaotic release process.

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