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Deliver a Customer Experience Worth Remembering

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46 mins • 19 lessons

Your online storefront creates the foundation for how your customers experience your brand and products. By building out a strong customer journey that accounts for a range of experiences from bad to good, you can take control of that foundation and build trust. In this course, you’ll consider the customer journey as a whole, then zoom in on how you can use the information to set up your theme. This will allow you to create the best experience for your specific customers.

Here’s a snapshot of what you will learn in the course:

• Understanding your customer and their needs to help leverage any theme

• Confident site evaluations through the eyes of customers will improve each phase of the buying process

• Resources to log important information to speed up theme maintenance, improve consistency, and create timelines for routine audits, updates, and evaluations

By connecting the theme sections to real experiences your customers go through, you’ll be able to maximize any theme to suit your customer’s needs.

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About Your Instructor

Teresa Harris is Pixel Union’s Head of Marketing, managing 11 Shopify themes that represent successful shops worldwide! She has guided Pixel Union’s customer journey to support our own customers and celebrate their success by creating the Outstanding Shop Awards! Prioritizing how our customers experience our website and services requires a process. This is the process Pixel Union shares with its customers to help them successfully set up their own stores! Our mission statement is to help merchants sell more and Teresa has helped our merchants do just that.

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