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Sustainability in Our Industry: Moving Beyond Recycled

SIMA SPEAKER SERIES: "Sustainability in Our Industry: Moving Beyond Recycled" powered by Group Y

Essential Insights into the sustainability concepts, topics, solutions, and insights you need to be aware of.

Speakers included:
Derek Sabori – Sustainability Advisor & Instructor, Co-Founder, Kozm
• Kim Matsoukas – Sr Manager of Sustainability & Social Responsibility, Vans
• Wendy Savage – Director, Social Responsibility & Traceability, Patagonia
• Megan Stoneburner Azim – Director of Sustainability and Sourcing, Outerknown
• Josh Reddin – CEO, Elastic

More than 160 apparel and surf industry leaders from Design, Product, Compliance and Marketing gathered for the sold out event on August 22nd.

The afternoon featured a mini-masterclass, insights from experts, moderated discussions, and more on the topics of Foundational Sustainability Concepts, Sustainable Fibers/Materials, Fair & Decent Labor, and Differentiated Sustainability-Driven Marketing Opportunities.

Attendees walked away with a better understanding of how the experts are talking about sustainability in our sector, what the hottest topics and our biggest concerns are, what solutions are readily available and utilized in the marketplace, and what steps you can take next to keep up with competitors.

Filmed on Aug 22, 2019 at Vans HQ in Costa Mesa, CA