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The Ecommerce Playbook: Constraints Generate Creativity: Profit and Growth Amidst the Coronavirus

E-commerce playbook podcast coming back at you again in the midst of all things Coronavirus. I'm trying to figure out what the heck the right thing to do is in the midst of all of this, with sorting out all kinds of new workflows, and all it's a real challenge. So, one of the things I want to say right away is that: it is a fact that constraints generate creativity.

I explore more about what that means for us during this unprecedented time in today's episode.

Week-over-week, join Andrew Faris — CEO of 4x400 — where he shares the real-life numbers, struggles, and everything in between when running multiple ecommerce businesses.

4x400 is an ecommerce holding company that acquires, launches, and grows DTC brands (owned by Common Thread Collective). That means you’ll get to go behind the scenes into the raw truths. Even if it sounds crazy, this is the unpolished story: from failures to successes, from “the high highs to the low lows.” Let’s take this journey together.