Elastic provides a complete eCatalog, merchandising and order entry platform for retail brands to showcase their products and brand story to businesses.

Unlike other B2B platforms, Elastic addresses KEY brand needs such as consumer facing brand experiences, branded content, and point of sale marketing assets. The Elastic road map also includes seamless consumer facing ecommerce integration, providing a full 360° solution that saves manufacturers time, money and overhead. It is our long term vision to not only create tangible efficiencies for retail brands, but to generate a true ROI, by eliminating the costs of printing and shipping paper product workbooks. The far reaching benefits of Elastic are not only financial, but positively impact efforts to be sustainable and green.

Don’t let traditional catalogs weigh down the buying process.

Elastic’s digital and custom catalog features virtually eliminate the need for the classic “brand book,” leading to major cost savings, sales efficiencies, and environmental benefits.

• 90 Tons of wood trees saved by eliminating 5,000 150-page catalogs per year.

• $2,000 Per one million dollars of gross revenue, saved by brands who have made the switch from print to digital.

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