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The Life Of A Rebel: Rebecca Minkoff

On this episode of The Life Of A Rebel we catch up with Rebecca Minkoff and talk about her entrepreneurial journey. From selling on the street to creating her own namesake brand - Rebecca has worked her way to the upper echelon of the fashion industry. Next month, Rebecca will be releasing her first book titled Fearless.


0:00​ Intro
0:58​ Rebecca's upbringing
4:00​ The early days
8:01​ The breakthrough moment
9:55​ Breaking through the fashion industry
12:20​ Staying ahead of technology
15:35​ Growing pains
17:20​ Working with family
20:10​ How to find proper mentors
22:50​ Why Rebecca started a podcast
25:20​ Rebecca's book, Fearless
27:12​ Advice for entrepreneurs
30:00​ Rebecca's vision of retail
31:10​ Outro

Shopify's President Harley Finkelstein "The Life Of A Rebel" series talks with today's leading brand leaders - "Being an entrepreneur comes down to being a rebel: challenging the status quo, resisting conventional paths to success, and taking the road less travelled."