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Jenny Wassmer – Ecommerce Sales Director, Thule Group

Yes, people want to get outside right now, and they want to bring their outdoor sports equipment with them. So it only makes sense that the recent explosion in the popularity of the outdoors has carried over to the market leader in sports racks and carriers.

If dealing with supply disruptions and mitigating a crushing increase in the burden on your customer service team sound like familiar problems, then you’ll especially appreciate Thule’s Ecommerce Sales Director, Jenny Wassmer’s insight. She shares the company’s biggest growth categories and thoughts on a truly omnichannel journey vs the multichannel existence that most companies are navigating currently.

Jenny sounds part professor and part therapist as she discusses the challenges that exist in today’s marketplace and how she and some of her colleagues across the industry have to come together in support of each other. Her open talk is a combination of optimistic encouragement and tangible take-aways for anyone navigating today’s business landscape.

About Jenny Wassmer

Jenny Wassmer is currently the Ecommerce Sales Director for Region Americas at the Thule Group. She has been in digital marketing on both the agency and brand sides for the past 15 years and focused on all aspects of the ecommerce engine within consumer goods for the past 8 years through her global and regional roles at the Thule Group. To continually transform the ecommerce experience for consumers, Jenny is dedicated to bringing together team members across all relevant departments, resulting in breaking down silos and prioritizing collaboration.