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How Pono Woodworks achieved sustainable growth

In a world of mass produced gifts and souvenirs, Pono Woodworks (ponowoodworks.com) is making a change. Brett sources wood from already fallen Hawaiian Koa trees, protecting the living ones from logging. Sharing the story behind the brand was key for Brett. But, as a solopreneur, it was also a constant challenge. He needed an easy and affordable way to reach people with his products.

And Shopify’s Google channel helped him do it. With the Google channel, Brett started to run Smart Shopping campaigns directly in Shopify. This allowed him to bypass all the manual work in setting up and managing campaigns. The Google channel synced his products from his Shopify store, and Google’s real time signals ensured his ads were shown to shoppers already looking for products like his.

Brett quickly ramped up his daily budget as he found that for every dollar he spent on his ads, he was getting $12 back in sales. That’s a return on investment of 1200%. His year-on-year online sales grew by 160% and very quickly sales from the Google channel came to account for a (very profitable) third of his business.

Learn more about getting started with the Google channel on Shopify here: https://www.shopify.ca/google