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Has Your Team Learned Enough About Sustainability? Have You!?

When it comes to sustainability at your brand: There’s a gap between those who know and those who want to - and even need to - know. All the work you put into your sustainability strategy and initiatives in the back of the house, will get lost in translation if your front of the house is not fully tuned in, aware, and knowledgeable. I’ve seen way too many sustainability initiatives and product collections be incorrectly explained or sold when it comes to the final customer transaction (in person, or online). Don’t let this happen.

Get everyone on your team in the mix, and up to speed; on an ongoing basis. Sustainability and Triple Bottom Line training should be a part of your corporate onboarding, your quarterly training programs, your sales meetings, and eventually your incentive packages. . And if that's you - then be sure to learn everything you can. Let’s get you and your team up to speed.