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Be a Servant Leader

True success for a leader is found when respect and trust is earned. I have experienced this through being a servant leader. Please read below for pointers on how to lead in this manner.

1. Show Real Caring & Interest In Each Team Member’s Well-Being.

It is vital to for your brand’s success to develop a foundation of loyalty and commitment with your staff. This will never happen if your people feel like they are just a number.

2. Build Open And Honest Relationships.

HONESTY is essential in all personal relationships. Openness and Honesty are the gateway to TRUTH. This atmosphere can be created by brand

3. Live The Vision, Mission, Values And Culture Of The Company.

Brand Managers need to be viewed as passionate believers. When you are walking the talk, living the lifestyle and enjoying the ride you are an important example of the embodiment of your brand.

4. The Vision Thing – Focus Your Organization On Reaching Your Brand’s Vision Through Time Based Goals and Strategies

Brand Visions begin as a statement. That statement must be supported by a proper organization and infrastructure that can deliver on that Vision. Analyze your Brand Vision and separate your Vision into a set of Time Based Goals and Comprehensive Vision Strategies. Visions become a reality thru a dedicated and vision focused management team. REMEMBER “A Vision Without Strategy & Execution Is A Hallucination.

5. Align The Organization To “OWN” And Deliver On A Simple Set Of Brand Differentiators.

Brands success depends on providing your consumer a set of Unique Points Of Difference. These Brand Differentiators define your brands Point Of View to the world. It is nice to have the components of your Brand Differentiators in a brand statement but they must be delivered every day buy your team.

6. Set High Standards - Negotiate Methods Not Standards.

This is easy to understand. Methods and process evolve as an organization grows. Challenges and organizational capabilities progress with time. Processes and procedures must change to meet the expanding needs of the brand as it scales up to meet the demands of growth.

7. Celebrate Small And Large Wins And Give Individual Credit-Liberally- Never-Never Ever Take Credit For Other’s Work.

Recognition and positive feedback assures employee motivation. Positive feedback loops build engagement and assure team delivery.

8. Be Authentic And Real, You Can’t Fool Them-Ever.

The Webster’s Dictionary definition for Authenticity by is: “true to one's own personality, spirit, or character - is sincere and authentic with no pretension”. That sums it up. You can’t fool your managers or your staff.

9. Remember TRUST Must Be Earned. Your Own Credibility Must Be Re-earned Every Day With Your Staff and Your Consumers.

No one gets TRUST as a gift. No one receives TRUST because they are part of management. TRUST is earned every day by how you and your brand management team leads.

10. Be Humble And Loose The EGO.

EGO is the anathema to good leadership. Humbleness is the basis for leadership and good management. EGO only serves the person who is on an ego trip.

Dac Clark, RepSpark CEO