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60 Seconds of Sustainability #5 – Time for a career pivot?

Is it time for a career pivot to sustainability? I really want to be a part of this movement... Well, maybe, but maybe not. Hear me out: Just because you want to make the world a better place doesn’t mean you have to abandon the role you love and are passionate about (and probably really good at!).

My take? Add sustainability learning onto whatever you were made to do. Some of us might have been meant to be converters, organizers, educators, and consultants, but guess what? We still need designers, developers, managers, marketers, chefs, salespeople, accountants, tax experts, and, well…you get my point. Make sustainability education a mandatory part of your career development - even if that’s a self-mandate :). The world needs you.

People, planet, profit - every role, in every industry counts.