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60 Seconds of Sustainability #2 – What to look for on your toilet paper!

Give me 60 seconds, I'll give you sustainability tips, insights, suggestions, definitions and more. .

Today’s episode: Three certifications and a word to look for when buying paper products - and yes, that means #toiletpaper - First, we want some assurance that our paper products are coming from responsibly managed forestry practices. This means, avoiding deforestation (clear cutting), protecting biodiversity, enhancing communities, etc. I like FSC and PEFC and Rainforest Alliance; all reputable certifications. Our forest are everything and WWF says that Eighty percent of the world's known terrestrial plant and animal species can be found in forests. So let’s not chop it all down for our paper essentials, right!? .

Also - when it comes to recycling, post-consumer means it came from the recycling that you and I did; sourced from the paper that was recycled after the consumer used it. This as opposed to industrial scrap recycling. . Understand sustainability better and prepare yourself for the new economy that is being created as we speak. Better for people, better for the planet.