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Visionary Success | Why some Leaders succeed, while others Fail

In Bryan Smeltzer's new Podcast, he discusses top traits of some of the greatest Visionaries, and what they do to ensure ongoing, generational success.

How is it that some Visionary Leaders are able to achieve monumental, ongoing success, while others Fail.

In looking at traits of these Visionary Leaders, you will find a common thread that ties most of them together. Each unique, but collectively creates Visionary genius. Few have the ability to consistently achieve all, but each strives to consistently achieve most.

Here are just some of the Visionary Leadership traits common among these leaders;

  1. Delegate, but be aware; awareness of progress, and path to eventual success. Ingrain yourself into the fabric of the company.

    “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do, we hire smart people to tell us what to do…” Steve Jobs
  2. Think CreativelyThink Adaptable; some of the greatness products created were commercialized through adapting other product technologies. Be creative to Innovate, be adaptable to drive the market.
  3. Balance Leadership; teach the team HOW to fish, do not fish for them, but be willing to pick a rod if needed. Ensure they understand the Vision, and the executable steps to achieving success.
  4. Always for Creative Freedom, Critics NOT allowed; allow an environment of free flowing Ideas, let the vetting happen later. Critics are a negative influence, they stifle creativity, and increase frustration.
  5. Focus on what matters; Reduce clutter, increase focus. Innovating is hard, make it easy.
  6. Passion; have a unrelenting passion for your brand, product and team. Give them the tools to succeed.
  7. Think Different; do not try to only improve, RE-INVENT!

True, authentic Visionaries are rare, but they create a path for us to follow.