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Visionary Chronicles: How to Identify & Succeed

There are many leadership traits, each is unique, and each is either a strength or a weakness. Those who are humble enough to identify their inherent weaknesses and build them into strength will gain loyalty, and those who choose to ignore these weaknesses inevitably fail.

Having been a part of some of the most iconic brands and working with these leaders, I have found most embrace a Vision, and most can see the future. One way or another, they find a way to bring it to reality. They are iconic, but each had a weakness; some recognized it, others ignored it.

In being a Leader, you must get your team to cohesively execute your Strategy. Once accomplished, each team feels as if they are part of and contributing to a brand's success is something all groups want to be a part of and want it ingrained into their Culture. Leaders who lack the self-awareness to address their weaknesses to accomplish this team cohesiveness damage the Brand itself and its Culture, both very difficult to repair.

In looking at these Leaders from inside, and outside perspectives, I have found the following Traits to be the most common. Each is unique, each carries common weaknesses and strengths, but there are Counter traits to correct flaws.

1. Overconfidence, in most instances, this a very positive Leadership, but when a Leader overpromises and sets unrealistic expectations, the Brand suffers. Typically the flaw comes from being a short-term planner, not a long-term thinker, and being short-sighted on what it will take to execute the plan and the competitive reaction. Counter;

  • Debate and invite Conversation.
  • Do not be so quick to decide without input.
  • Do not alienate and invite alternative opinions.
  • Ensure you understand long-term implications.

2. Impulsive, you crave the satisfaction of having made a decision, even though you may not have thoroughly worked through the impact across the Brand. You are not contemplating what is required to execute the plan and the consequences of your decision. Counter;

  • Take your time and integrate data.
  • Understand your overriding Strategy.
  • Understand consequences.

3. Rigid, Firm, you control the environment, stick to a process and ensure everyone follows with no change considered. This Leader stifles creativity, eliminates risk, wants predictability, and a result, kills off innovation. Counter;

  • Be open about Decisions.
  • Take some Risks.
  • Build Trust with the Team.
  • Be Curious.

4. Insecure, you worry about decisions, those around you, and what they may think. You are often taken advantage of without resistance, and as a result, Trust is degraded. Counter;

  • Understand your Fears.
  • Address Best & Worst case scenarios.
  • Find opportunities to Succeed.
  • Relive Successes.

All Leaders have frailties, and most are not considered Visionary, but understanding your Weaknesses and finding ways to Strengthen your faults will build loyalty and Trust with your team and your Brand!

Stay True, stay Authentic, be Different, be Great!