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Visionary Chronicles: How to Create a Community of Loyal Brand Advocates

Lifestyle Branding and authentic positioning is what all great, generational brands sell!

It is an earned right, one built off of a foundation of;

  • Authentication
  • Trust
  • Consistency
  • Expectations
  • Loyalty

Each a piece of the brand lifestyle the community embraces. This positioning can be aspirational or inspirational, both of which require support from the brand itself, its product or industry knowledge. •

  • Becoming a better runner
  • Becoming a better climber
  • Realizing a dream location

Also Apple's Think Different campaign where they inspired people to Be Different.

The Corona brand which placed people in their Dream destination through their Find Your Beach campaign.

In each, the brand and the product matched the message and the expectations were satisfied. Patagonia took Lifestyle branding to another level by tying in a social cause message; Conservation and Lifestyle.

Each message unique, each has been able to sustain their lifestyle branding and stay true to their authentic message. Authentic products and a Vision to take their customers where they have never been! Aspirational Lifestyle Realized!

How can you build this type of Lifestyle Branding into your company?

• Create an Authentic Vision of who you are, NOT who you are not; Be original, be real, do not imitate, find your Niche.

• Define your Person; what does your Brand stand for? who is your customer? where do they want to go or do? How are you helping them get there?

• Stay consistently great! Do not sacrifice the long-term for short-term gain.

Being great means consistently and authentically matching your Brand Vision with Reality.

Stay True, stay Authentic, be Different, be Great!