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Visionary Chronicles: How to Breakaway from your Competition

Disruption is a new way of thinking about Innovation, but it takes it to a whole new level. In its most simplistic terms, it is Innovation on steroids! You can be Innovative without being Disruptive, and very few companies or brands are truly Disruptive.

Some may tout they are being Disruptive, but to have this DNA you must have created something from nothing, changed the way an industry works, or created a product or service that enhances our Lifestyle, whether personally or professionally. Being Disruptive is a tough badge to earn, but if achieved, you are forever considered a leader within your category when you do. Disruption is aspirational and can be used to drive your innovation engine. You may never achieve Disruption status, but Innovation is a cornerstone towards achieving this goal.

Being a Disruptor is risky, and few have the willpower to commit to realizing this Vision. The ability to change the way we interact, how we work and what we use daily. Very few brands can make this claim, Innovators; YES, Disruptors; NO!


  • Oil (Rockefeller)
  • Steel (Carnegie)
  • Light Bulb (Edison)
  • Automobile (Ford)
  • Walkman (Sony)
  • iPod (Apple)
  • iPhone (Apple)
  • Tesla (Elon)
  • Stealth Bomber (B2)
  • Stealth Fighter (F117A)

There are many other examples, but all of these we use to this day, even though they disrupted generations ago!

To stay ahead of your competition, you must be an Innovator; to leapfrog and move generations ahead, you must be a Disruptor.

So what are the Traits of these Disruptors?

  1. They change entirely how we interact with others, how we work or process information.
  2. They reinvent a category, blow it up or start over.
  3. They create a Culture w/ Disruption at the heart, the bloodline of the brand!
  4. They out-innovate themselves first and execute relentlessly.

An ingrained culture with disruption at the center, the hub of the entire brand, will drive a passion for creating, a passion for the product, and a passion for being part of your brand.

Stay committed, maintain your Vision, and find ways to Disrupt!