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Resilient Retail: Goldune

Sustainability starts with good habits, and good habits can start with great role models. This episode of Resilient Retail focuses on Azora Zoe Paknad, founder of ecommerce retail brand Goldune. Goldune is all about injecting excitement into the realm of sustainable and zero waste shopping.


Kristen LaFrance is the host of Shopify's Resilient Retail series. Prior to joining the Shopify team, she hosted two eCommerce podcasts: Playing for Keeps and eComm Noms. As the official mayor of DTC Twitter, Kristen is an expert on omnichannel customer retention and helping online and offline brands connect with customers, craft remarkable experiences, & build resilience for long-term success.

Retail business owners have resilience in their DNA. From real stories of struggle and breakthrough to the insights your retail business needs right now, find inspiration, take action, and make your business future-proof.