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Proactive Communications Through a Fast-Moving Crisis

Kristin Carpenter, host of the Channel Mastery podcast and CEO/Founder of Verde Brand Communications, is offering a second episode with current best practices (as in for today, 3-14-20), for specialty brands communicating in the throes of the novel coronavirus. We continue to get new information daily and a lot has changed since we were last together, just six days ago, when we released the first of the Channel Mastery episodes focused around COVID-19.

In this episode you’ll get comfortable with communicating more to your audiences: your primary audience of your employees, your external close stakeholders, and your brand fan community. As a specialty brand, you play a positive role in the lives of your audiences, and this episode is about how to show up for them in a way that feels authentic to you. Examples in our show notes below include exceptional social media and email marketing efforts.