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Claima Stories with Bimma : Elise Swopes – iPhone Artist

Elise Swopes, an iPhone artist that has worked with brands like American Express, Pandora, and Adobe. One of Elise’s biggest inspirations is her father, who despite ups and downs taught his daughter to walk to the beat of her own drum, even if that meant getting into a bit of trouble while in school.

 As a child of the internet, she was hustling myspace layouts for cheeseburgers. This led to her becoming enthralled with digital creativity, finding love in sharing her art and the tools with others. 

 It was 2010 when Elise found herself pulled to this little app called Instagram, where it instantly felt familiar. Shooting stuff on her broken iPhone 4. She found another space for sharing her digital artwork.

About Claima Stories with Bimma:

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