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CEOs Wear Sneakers: Brian McDonell


In this episode, Barney welcomes to the podcast Brian McDonell, co-founder and President of Melin, a Southern California premium lifestyle brand aimed at crafting the highest quality headwear on the planet. Brian talks all about his entrepreneurial journey, from developing the idea for luxury performance headwear to getting the funding necessary to get the company off the ground.

In this new podcast, the K-Swiss team talks to the young entrepreneurs who inspire us, and who we can learn from as we find out what they do and how they did it. At K-Swiss we believe these entrepreneurs are the new heroes of culture, as more and more people aspire to build their own business and create their own futures. This has inspired our new brand mission; To inspire and outfit the next generation of entrepreneurs. The CEOs Wear Sneakers podcast is produced and broadcast from K-Swiss global Headquarters in the heart of Downtown LA, and is hosted by K-Swiss President Barney Waters and Global Marketing Director Patrick Buchanan.