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Business of HYPE: Jon Wexler

Business of HYPE is a weekly series brought to you by HypeRadio and hosted by jeffstaple. It’s a show about creatives, brand-builders and entrepreneurs and the realities behind the dreams they’ve built. On the Season 3 finale, Jeff welcomes Jon Wexler, the Vice President or Director of Global Entertainment and Influencer Marketing for adidas.

Jon is one of the very few household names in the footwear industry that is not an athlete, musician, designer or celebrity. His ability to connect the world’s preeminent creatives with the heritage and innovation of adidas, including the likes of Kanye and Pharrell, has helped propel the brand to the forefront of cultural significance, rivaling that of Nike. It’s a job that everyone wants, but no one knows how to get. So listen in as Jon details his journey, from losing thousands of dollars booking gigs in college, to becoming the man ‘Ye said “saved my life.”