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Business of HYPE: Greg Hervieux and Jay Smith of BlackRainbow

Business of HYPE is a weekly series brought to you by HypeRadio and hosted by jeffstaple. It’s a show about creatives, brand-builders and entrepreneurs and the realities behind the dreams they’ve built. On today’s episode, Jeff welcomes Jay Smith and Greg Hervieux, founders of creative marketing agency and media brand BlackRainbow.

It’s hard to really define BlackRainbow, Jay and Greg even joke that most people don’t know what exactly they do. Part magazine, part newsite, part marketing agency, part clothing brand, part retailer; and that’s what’s just visible on the surface. Despite its vague company description, BlackRainbow has contributed to many monumental moments in streetwear, both in Paris and around the globe, starting with the pairing of Chanel and BE@RBRICK well over 10 years ago.

Listen in as the Jay and Greg open up and recall the beginnings of BlackRainbow, describing why a partnership needs a foundation of honesty and trust to succeed. The two also detail what it’s like to publish a magazine and why print will never die; this part of the episode also reveals how the BlackRainbow magazine helped present to prospective clients just what it is they do. Sometimes it’s an elevator pitch, but many times you just have to create it and show them.

Lastly, Jeff and the guys conclude with discussions on balancing the digital and real worlds, creating your cool no matter where you live, and why product always comes before marketing.