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VNTANA Partners with JOOR to Enable the First 3D and AR B2B Sales Platform

VNTANA, the industry leader in 3D ecommerce technology today announces its partnership with JOOR, the world’s leading wholesale management platform. The partnership is founded on an integration of VNTANA’s 3D and AR technology into the JOOR platform, allowing JOOR customers and their retail partners to view rich visual assets in 3D and Augmented Reality (AR).

This new integration allows brands to upload their existing 3D designs from programs like Browzwear, Clo, Keyshot, Modo and others and instantly see them on the JOOR platform in 3D and AR. There is no additional work needed as VNTANA’s patented algorithms automatically optimize and convert files to meet web and mobile standards. This new partnership comes as brands and fashion industry leaders are rapidly realizing the benefits of 3D and AR eCommerce, including improved user experience and increased sales. Furthermore, the industry has recognized the additional benefit of 3D rendering in reducing sample production—both a financial gain by driving lower costs as well as an environmental sustainability benefit by reducing excess production.

While the intersection of 3D technology and eCommerce is evolving quickly, upgrading a retail experience to 3D can often be time-consuming and expensive. VNTANA makes 3D eCommerce fast and easy at the point of purchase, which has proven to double conversion rates and increase cart size by 60%. VNTANA’s headless architecture and robust API allow technology partners to quickly add 3D capabilities on the back-end of their existing offerings, enabling platforms like JOOR, PTC, and others to quickly deploy 3D offerings to their customers with limited development time and expense. VNTANA also works directly with brands to upgrade their eCommerce experiences to include 3D quickly.

“3D and AR eCommerce is the future for retail and we’re passionate about making these performance-boosting assets accessible to every brand,” notes Ashley Crowder, co-founder and CEO of VNTANA. “Partnering with JOOR is a fantastic way to improve the wholesale experience for the industry as we deepen the brand and retailer relationship while driving increases in sales and sustainability. We look forward to working with JOOR on the next iteration of eCommerce in the metaverse.”

JOOR, which provides a SaaS-based platform that allows brands and their retail partners to connect for wholesale discovery, planning, and sales, used VNTANA’s API to quickly add 3D and AR capabilities to their platform. The JOOR platform will make calls to the VNTANA 3D cloud and will display the 3D and AR versions of each asset alongside the existing 2D imagery that is available on product detail pages, today. Everything is automatically matched by style ID, so brands do not have any extra work to take advantage of this new functionality.

"JOOR is the world's leading wholesale management platform, modernizing and streamlining the B2B buying and selling process for our rich ecosystem of brands and retailers," explained Kristin Savilia, CEO, JOOR. "We are dedicated to innovation and recognize the critical role 3D and AR will play in the future of wholesale. As such, we are proud to partner with VNTANA to bring this cutting edge technology to our platform."

VNTANA’s patented optimization algorithms allow brands such as Deckers Brands, Staud and Diesel to use their existing 3D designs to instantly create high-fidelity, fast-loading 3D assets that are automatically optimized for use across web, social media, advertising, game-engines and the metaverse. VNTANA makes it easy for brands across fashion, footwear, furniture, tools, sporting goods, and more to share and embed 3D and AR for sales and marketing use.

In addition, retailers are increasingly seeing the benefits of offering 3D and AR eCommerce and 97% of brands on the Forbes Most Valuable Brands list have used or are currently using AR. As more companies seek to add these capabilities to their eCommerce experience, VNTANA equips these retailers with the technology they need to make it a seamless experience.