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ViuBox Announces Its Foray Into Metaverse to Motivate Mass Adoption of Technology In Fashion Industry

ViuBox from SenseMi, a technology company that specializes in creating and deploying AI-based solutions for fashion businesses, announces the launch of ViuBox SYZ 3.0. These products which help shoppers get personalized fitting comments and try-on clothes, online, before buying are now easier to use and faster.

ViuBox launches SYZ3.0. Newer, faster, smarter.
ViuBox launches SYZ3.0. Newer, faster, smarter.

The new version makes ViuBox stand out with a unique technology that has simplified personalization experience on E-commerce Fashion websites. E-commerce Fashion has seen huge spike in popularity in recent years and the global pandemic accelerated this trend. It helps shoppers browse through large number of items from the convenience of their location and have it delivered to them, all done from a mobile phone or a computer. Despite the tremendous opportunities and the multiplication of business potential of E-Commerce, returns have been a major hassle for brands and shoppers alike.

Unlike stores, there is no provision for users to try-on clothes before buying when shopping online. Thus, shoppers go for the size that they think is best suited for them. If this was a good way to buy clothes then physical stores wouldn't waste precious space in setting up trial rooms. Naturally a lot of the clothes bought online is returned due to wrong size, fit or color.

ViuBox SYZ addresses these issues. It lets user get personalized fitting comments on any size of any item and also lets them try it on their digital avatar before buying. Their digital avatars are accurate rendering of the shoppers with their face and body proportions. ViuBox is also set to make its Metaverse Debut.

"SenseMi's ViuBox has been a forerunner and a leader in blending Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence with Fashion business to deliver an immersive experience and to save time, money and effort. ViuBox is currently developing world-leaving, envelope-pushing assets for metaverse. As is the case so far, ViuBox shall not be confined to the concept stage, which many companies announcing such solutions are guilty of. The future is exciting and ViuBox is right in the middle of it." – Arash, Founder and CTO.

ViuBox has an exemplary track record of data privacy and does not store any sensitive data about the shoppers beyond the point of initial analysis. A pioneer in this line of business for five years, SenseMi, is witnessing a rapid growth in its US Operations.