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twik turns more visitors into buyers with a new auto-personalization Shopify app

New twik app is now featured on Shopify Staff Pick only weeks after released

 twik, a driver of innovation in the worldwide retail e-commerce industry, announces its platform has been chosen to be presented in the Shopify Staff Picks section at the apps marketplace shortly after release.

Twik Technologies automated personalization new app for Shopify has been selected as Staff Picks
Twik Technologies automated personalization new app for Shopify has been selected as Staff Picks

Twik, the personalization automation platform, widely renowned for its plugins to major publishers and CMS (content management system) like Google and WordPress. Publicly released to the Shopify e-commerce marketplace only a few weeks ago, it is already chosen as the prestigious 'Staff Picks' app, a place that presents the most popular accredited apps.

Twik Technologies is excited to be recognized by e-commerce giants and hundreds of stores worldwide for its ability to deliver a major change in the industry with the release of its new app.

The new e-shopping app, designed to help store owners grow their overall last-mile attribution through personalization automatically, leverages AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to generate more add-to-cart, checkouts, and sales automatically, hence increasing the stream of revenue. Twik e-commerce app features several lucrative out-of-the-box automations such as the personalization of menu and navigation automatically, personalization of product catalogues automatically, personalization of currencies automatically, and marketing automation and analytics. Store owners can now turn on the twik app and rely on its automations to drive more sales into their revenue stream. These autonomous automations make twik an ultimate solution for every store owner as it does not require any coding skills, configuration, management nor maintenance. Store owners report less than a minute from app download to an operational platform.

twik app at Shopify marketplace — Leveraging the Power of automatic Personalization to Increase Sales

The current pandemic era is proving that e-commerce is a must have for any business especially brick-and-mortar ones. With SaaS platform companies like Shopify doubling and tripling their valuation and M&A deals running, the 2020 worldwide retail ecommerce sales posted a 27.6% growth rate for the year. Sales are reaching well over $4 trillion with a forecast that worldwide growth this year will be 14.3%. With over $611 billion in additional e-commerce sales, worldwide ecommerce will approach $5 trillion this year.

Store owners using the twik app are being presented w/information on their major KPI in real time:

  • Sales and Upsales - twik app automatically boosts conversions and retention on storefronts in real time with its AI algorithms based on many years of development and strong understanding of the CRO (conversion rate optimization) industry.
  • Add-To-Cart, Checkouts, Registrations, and Leads - twik increases major marketing funnel phases on any storefront automatically: starting with add-to-cart, add to wishlist, newsletter submissions and leads, and finishing in checkouts and purchases (orders).
  • Reorganize Navigation, Menu, Products - twik automatically personalizes any navigation item like menu and submenu, as well as products catalogues by the visitor's intent, so every visitor will see the most relevant items.
  • And most important revenue uplift using twik. No configuration, coding, editing or prior knowledge. Twik app is fully GDPR/CCPA compliant and increases overall attribution and ROI without the need to increase visitors' traffic.

These crucial KPIs allow store owners to gain focus on their task at hand while not neglecting the business performance, sales and the button-line: increasing revenue.

To learn more about twik and its e-commerce apps and plugins, and to explore and start using quickly, please visit twik's platform and its Shopify app