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ShipBob Goes 100% Carbon-Neutral

ShipBob, the leading global cloud-based logistics platform for small and medium-sized businesses, today announced it is going 100% carbon-neutral as part of a partnership and integration with Pachama, a data-driven carbon marketplace providing verified forest carbon offsets to improve carbon markets and restore forests.

As a new customer of Pachama's itself, ShipBob is now a carbon-neutral fulfillment company, offsetting its own carbon footprint, even retroactively, for its headquarters in Chicago and across its entire global fulfillment center network.

In addition, ShipBob customers can now harness the power of AI to easily offset carbon emissions from deliveries fulfilled from ShipBob's fulfillment centers, while Pachama calculates monthly shipping emissions, enables quick purchase of carbon credits and provides brands with tools to share their commitment to sustainability. The app can automatically offset carbon created by the ShipBob customer via investments in Pachama's verified forest projects, ranging from the North Atlantic coast of the US to the Amazon rainforest.

"Our goal was simple: to offset carbon emissions," said Michael Klein, Managing Director of Herbaly. "In our search for the right partner, ShipBob was proactive in presenting Pachama. They met all of our criteria in terms of automation, transparency and integrity. We can now share accurate data with our customers regarding the success of our reforestation initiatives, thanks to ShipBob and Pachama," Klein added.

"With ecommerce experiencing incredible growth, it's important to consider sustainability," said Dhruv Saxena, CEO and co-founder of ShipBob. "That's why we appreciate the strides and innovation Pachama has brought to the industry and why we are a customer of Pachama as well. We need to lead by example and practice what we preach. Our mission is to democratize fulfillment for companies of all sizes around the world, and to do this, we must consider the impact it has on the Earth," Saxena added.

"Our business is built on sustainability, and we aim to provide our customers with carbon-neutral products from our natural sources to their front door," said Fannar Jonsson, Quality and Environment Manager at Blue Lagoon Skincare. "That is why we work with ShipBob to offset carbon emissions from our ecommerce supply chain," Jonsson added.

"Since the day we started Open Water, every decision has been made with sustainability in mind, from our 100% recyclable aluminum packaging to our most recent initiative: climate neutral certification," said Jess Page, Co-founder & Chief Brand Officer of Open Water. "It's incredibly important to us to work with partners who share our values, so we couldn't be more excited that ShipBob is making this critical climate commitment," Page added.

"As the urgency around climate change continues to grow, it is more important than ever to collaborate in an effort to reduce worldwide carbon emissions." Said Diego Saez Gil, CEO and co-founder of Pachama. "We are thrilled to partner with ShipBob to advance its sustainability strategy, while also helping their customers to also achieve emissions reductions through our new automatic offset function. Our partnership with ShipBob marks the launch of our new API function which we've developed to further scale emissions globally," Gil added.

To become 100% carbon-neutral in order fulfillment, customers can install the Pachama integration from the Apps & Integrations page of the ShipBob dashboard. To learn more, visit shipbob.com/partners/pachama.