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Sezzle Launches ‘Sezzle Capital’ for Merchant Partners

Sezzle, a purpose-driven payments company, today announces the upcoming launch of 'Sezzle Capital', a program enabling retail partners with working capital up to US$10 Million.

Powered by Wayflyer, a hassle-free, flexible funding platform, Sezzle Capital provides merchants with a bridge to fast, affordable, unsecured funds. The new program solves the difficult task eCommerce businesses have in sourcing working capital. With higher approval rates than traditional lending and simple pricing models, Sezzle Capital will extend its mission of financial empowerment to eCommerce businesses.

Sezzle's mission is to financially empower next-gen consumers, and to do so by democratizing financial freedom. Sezzle Capital is a natural next step in the company's mission––providing an unparalleled program to merchants through responsible lending. The partnership with Wayflyer allows Sezzle to provide much needed financing to its merchant partners without any credit risk or additional capital requirements to Sezzle. 

"As Sezzle works to enable eCommerce growth by providing financing to the consumer, Wayflyer works to enable growth by providing financing directly to eCommerce businesses, enabling brands to get in front of more consumers for accelerated online growth,'' said Wayflyer CEO Aidan Corbett. "We're excited to partner with Sezzle and help take the next generation of great brands to new heights."

"We've listened carefully to our merchants and we understand that one of their biggest pain points is cash flow," said Sezzle President, Paul Paradis. "By providing quick and effective access to funding, Sezzle Capital will ensure our merchants are less stressed about the day-to-day and fully focused on growing their businesses while at the same time it helps to strengthen our relationships with our customers"