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SellersCommerce Launches Catalog Builder: An Online Design Tool for Sales Reps to Create Visually Stunning Catalogs and Line Sheets in Minutes

SellersCommerce, the Illinois-based leading SaaS eCommerce company has announced the launch of a new tool called Catalog Builder that lets sales reps of manufacturers and brands easily create visually compelling line sheets, catalogs, and flyers online without the help of designers. 

This powerful sales tool will particularly aid the apparel and fashion industry that relies on creating a glamorous brand image to drive conversions. Sales reps can simply add products to Catalog Builder, choose a design template, and input relevant details to get a high-quality print-ready line sheet in minutes without involving any graphic designer at any stage of the process. It can be shared as PDFs with respective prospects or even printed as handouts. 

The Catalog Builder has an online order management system built into it that allows sales reps to send prospects a unique link to an online catalog from where they can directly place an order. This reduces the decision-making time and helps close deals faster. It even integrates with your eCommerce platform and PIM for end-to-end trackability of every SKU sold through these dynamic lookbooks. 

"Catalog Builder can significantly reduce design overheads in B2B and fast-track the overall sales process by eliminating team interdependency." said Ashok Reddy, CEO SellersCommerce. 

"We believe this tool can empower sales reps to be more efficient on their jobs by approaching prospects through multiple channels like wholesalers, retailers, and direct-to-consumers."  

Here are Catalog Builder's key benefits at a glance: 

1. More freedom for the sales team: No need to depend on a designer to do multiple iterations in the line sheet as the prospect goes through the sales cycle. 
2. Sell from anywhere: Share line sheets as PDFs and accept orders without visiting prospects on the ground. 
3. Close deals faster: Order management lets prospects place orders directly on the link shared by sales reps without visiting the main store. 
4. Better sales trackability: Seamless integration with eCommerce ensures every SKU sold through line sheets reflects on the inventory.