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Octane AI Reveals New Integration with Recharge to Supercharge Subscriptions for Quizzes and Personalize the Shopping Experience

Octane AI, the pioneer zero-party data marketing platform, announced the launch of a new integration with Recharge, the leader in subscription ecommerce, for direct-to-consumer subscriptions brands. Now, brands using Octane AI and Recharge can deliver subscription recommendations within a Shop Quiz or Conversational Pop-up, supercharging merchants' ability to extend customer lifetime value and get consistent predictable revenue through more subscribers.

With the new Recharge and Octane AI integration, Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants will be able to benefit from recommending their subscription options on quizzes and pop-ups in a variety of ways before check-out, lowering the barrier for customers to opt into a subscription while collecting valuable data for personalization.

"We are thrilled to support Recharge to make zero-party data collection more accessible to subscription brands," said Ben Parr, Octane AI President and Co-Founder. "With third-party data going away, it's more critical than ever that ecommerce brands collect and leverage zero-party data to build deeper relationships with their customers. Octane AI's quiz and zero-party data technology, along with Recharge's world-class subscription solution, is the must-have combo that makes this possible for subscription brands."

"Our passion is giving merchants the opportunity to deepen their relationships with subscribers to realize their full potential," said Ruoting Sun, VP of Product Marketing at Recharge. "Octane AI's cutting-edge technology will allow for a more meaningful and bespoke experience for subscribers, which can only lead to greater brand loyalty. We're thrilled to collaborate with Octane AI in our ongoing mission to help entrepreneurs build growing, sustainable businesses."

Brands deploying the integration will benefit from Octane AI's zero-party data collection and conversational technology capabilities to decrease their reliance on paid advertising. They can learn about customers' preferences and needs by asking them key questions via quizzes and pop-ups and then leverage that data for deep segmentation and personalization at scale across email, SMS and other owned marketing channels. This will help brands learn more about their subscribers, serve them better and increase lifetime customer value.

To start using Octane AI with Recharge today, visit our help document. If you want to learn more about specific ways that you can use a Shop Quiz or Conversational Pop-up to increase subscription sales and collect valuable zero-party data, then read our blog post: http://www.octaneai.com/blog/recharge.