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NuORDER Transforms Wholesale Transactions With Innovative Payments Solution

Leading B2B ecommerce platform NuORDER announces the introduction of NuORDER Payments, an innovative payment solution transforming the way brands and retailers will transact on a global scale. NuORDER brands can now accept credit card payments directly in their wholesale platforms without having to go through a third-party payment gateway or process payments over the phone. While digital payments have become standard in the B2C world, B2B payment processes have remained archaic, tedious and time consuming for both brands and buyers.

"Before making the move to NuORDER Payments, we were manually storing customer credit card numbers and keying them into a machine in the offices. Orders now come in with a credit card on file which has helped us process more orders and saved us so much time on admin work. On top of all this we are confident that our customers' data is secure and protected," said Umair Valoria at Three Layer Sportswear.

NuORDER Payments is the only B2B payments solution that is designed specifically to support and streamline the complex wholesale ordering process. With the flexibility to offer click-to-purchase and pay later experiences, brands can manage payments for both immediate or pre-book orders, without risking the delays or cancelled orders associated with the traditional invoicing process. Buyers will benefit from a simplified checkout experience that allows them to complete payments in the same system they are placing orders and store multiple credit cards in a secure digital wallet for convenient and easy purchasing across NuORDER's network of more than 3,000 brands.

Additionally, after conducting a service fee audit of its customers, NuORDER found that many are paying much higher than necessary rates. NuORDER Payments will offer the most competitive rates in the industry.

"Apparel and footwear wholesale is nearly $300 billion dollars in the United States alone. We have seen a huge swell of demand from brands and retailers asking for help to streamline the payments process. Digital payments is the norm for e-commerce but B2B payments have been stuck in the dark ages for too long. With NuORDER payments we are delivering a much needed solution to be able to collect payments in a more cost effective and streamlined way," said Heath Wells, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of NuORDER.

As brands continue to navigate an increasingly complex web of global privacy regulations and security risks, NuORDER Payments provides brands with a SOC2 and PCI compliant solution that includes machine learning and AI powered fraud prevention, payment routing optimization, and advanced data encryption. A customer-centric tech company first, NuORDER continues to adapt and enhance its platform in order to meet the fast-changing needs of its global network.

For more information on NuORDER Payments go to https://www.nuorder.com/payments/.