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Nexcess Introduces Sales Performance Monitor

Nexcess, the fully managed, high-performance digital commerce cloud platform built to optimize WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento sites and stores, announced the release of Sales Performance Monitor as a feature on all WooCommerce plans.

"We wanted our WooCommerce store owners to have critical insights into the health of their online store revenue," said Chris Lema, WooCommerce Authority and VP of Products and Innovation. "Merchants are often unaware when their online store is experiencing degraded services. Most monitoring systems will alert a merchant when their entire site is down but not capture issues with payment processors or site slowness. With Nexcess Sales Performance Monitor, our intelligence engine will send merchants alerts on sales trends, giving them much needed visibility and allowing them to get back on track if store sales are slowing down."

Included in the cost of the Managed WooCommerce Hosting plans, the added feature means that store owners can take immediate action to understand revenue trends, should shifts occur. The Nexcess Sales Performance Monitor will monitor a store's sales and measure them against a predicted model based on daily/weekly historical performance. When the store's sales are slowing down or disappearing in a way that is "abnormal" to the specific store's trends, the monitor will alert the owner.

"At Nexcess, our focus is in the SMB space and the freelancers and agencies that serve them. That focus has meant doing the heavy lifting to create an elastic and dynamic platform for online stores. More than simply installing WooCommerce as a plugin (which many other hosts do), our Managed WooCommerce Hosting product is a total solution — bringing custom code, a container-based dynamic platform, partners for analytics, search and abandoned cart technology, and now monitoring for Sales Performance," said Lema. 

WooCommerce is a pre-eminent eCommerce platform for online store builders and store owners today. It sits on top of WordPress which is well known and free. People choose WooCommerce because it's an easy-to-use platform with flexibility that provides less limits.

"We're combining the power of WooCommerce with the industry-leading digital commerce expertise of Nexcess, and powering the online potential of our store owners with the expectation that they have a provider who is an expert in digital commerce hosting and a partner in their success. We're excited to be leading the way through open-source innovation that provides tremendous value to the industry," said Lema.

Nexcess is at the forefront of continuous innovation for WooCommerce and the store owners and agencies who use the platform. For more information about Managed WooCommerce from Nexcess, visit https://www.nexcess.net/woocommerce/.