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Infobip Saw Record Breaking eCommerce Activity During Cyber Week Processing 4.23 Billion Messages for Some of the World’s Most Popular Brands

Global cloud communications company, Infobip this year processed an unprecedented total of 2.26bn interactions across all channels including SMS, voice, email, push and Chat Apps for Black Friday, and 1.97 bn on Cyber Monday for customers across the globe.

It accounts for a 71% increase in network activity compared to 2020 with SMS the most used channel, clocking up a 51% increase in use from last year. In total 1.7bn SMS texts were sent over this period.

Cyber Monday client interactions almost doubled this year with a 93% increase compared to 2020.

MMS and Chat Apps also saw huge uptake with gains over last year of 87% and 86% respectively. Overall, Black Friday interactions doubled in 2021 to 2.26bn up from 1.3bn in 2020. India and North America dominated by volume of interactions while revenues were highest in North America and Europe.

Izabel Jelenic, Chief Technology Officer at Infobip says: “Shopping this year appears to have been spread over Cyber Week, encouraged in part by retailers that have been publicizing Black Friday style deals since October. Nevertheless, overall, the popularity of this shopping week has grown exponentially since last year, very possibly due to customers having become very used to transacting online since the pandemic started. Another factor contributing to shoppers having gotten a head start on their gift buying this year were the ongoing concerns around bottlenecks in the global supply chain and fears of finding merchandise out of stock.”

A survey carried out by Attentive Mobile with over 4000 of its own client base shows over 1 billion text messages were sent during Cyber Week by the world’s most loved brands generating sales of over $830 million from SMS alone. These included campaign and automated messages such as abandonment reminders that drove an average of 34.6% conversion rate. Similarly, campaign messages such as flash sales and discounts saw a 9% conversion rate showing subscribers were actively engaging with favorite brands through text.

For some organizations, a large proportion of total business for the year comes in the last quarter. These figures indicate that retailers will end 2021 on a high.