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Influencer Marketing is Essential During COVID-19

While many economic side effects of the coronavirus remain to be seen, it's apparent that brands need marketing dollars to go farther. According to recent studies influencer marketing has become the chosen platform for many eCommerce companies in the changing landscape.

One brand that has done an exceptional job with their influencer program this year is Lume Cube. Decision-makers developed a strategy to leverage influencer relationship management to build a stronger bond with their customers and influencer team. GRIN's Brands Working Remote Talking Influencers series will host a live chat with Lume Cube's influencer marketing team on April 22.

With the world transforming against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce marketers are struggling to find effective ways to engage members of their audience.

"It goes without saying that we are in an extraordinary situation globally with coronavirus. The scale of this pandemic and its far-reaching effects will reshape society in many longlasting ways. It's already changing the way we eat, travel, shop, how we think about our health and even how we interact with one another." - Brandon Brown, CEO of GRIN

Digital Marketing Institute (citing Tomson research) declared that influencer marketing generates over a 600% return on average.

Nielsen Catalina Solutions, experts found that influencer marketing, in some cases, surpasses PPC banner ad ROI by 1,100%.

Importance of Authentic Media and Content

Influencers are uniquely qualified to engage audiences with relevant content. From an agility standpoint, influencers can intuit the needs of their audience and create content on demand.

This approach to content marketing is known as authentic media.

"The key ingredient to authentic media is 'pandering-free' content. This content is transparent enough to resonate and inclusive enough to digest for the average person" (Step by Step Guide to Running a Successful Experiential Marketing Event with Influencers).

Authentic media neither ignores current issues nor encourages overreactions to sensitive topics. Brands that want to create authentic media during the COVID-19 pandemic are most successful when they partner with influencers. Not only will influencers help your brand produce authentic media effectively, but they will give you invaluable insight into the concerns and needs of your ideal consumers.

Bring Brands and Consumers Together

By the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, you want the bond between you and your customers to be as strong as ever. Focusing on your social responsibility, public messaging, and the most effective marketing mediums for strengthening that bond will help you achieve your goal.