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Gooten Launches Enhanced Smart Supply Chain Process, Driving Global Growth and Innovation

Gooten announced the availability of its enhanced on-demand manufacturing supply chain for enterprises. The expanded offering, coined The Gooten 7, is a seven step process to on-demand manufacturing success. The expanded process meets the needs of organizations that are turning to on-demand manufacturing in response to increasing market volatility, growing consumer demands, and challenges with traditional supply chain management. Through its new offering, Gooten provides a fully integrated, smart supply chain that is engineered to help large scale-enterprises offer innovative, flexible solutions for all eCommerce merchants and brands.

"The events of the last year have accelerated the shift in eCommerce, and businesses simply haven't been able to keep up by relying solely on traditional manufacturing methods that are usually complex and inefficient," said Brian Rainey, CEO of Gooten. "Our merchant partners trust us to help them grow and deliver on their customer commitments because our platform provides reliable, tailored solutions that cater to the scale and unique needs of enterprises. In addition, our infrastructure allows us to fulfill orders more efficiently, sustainably, and at an industry-leading level of consistent quality."

Gooten's proprietary technology enables enterprises and brands to add unique design workflows that allow consumers to order personalized products from their stores. The expanded offering also gives brands the opportunity to expand their merch offerings and facilitates moving part or even all of their production to a more sustainable on-demand manufacturing model, minimizing the risks associated with holding inventory.

"Before Gooten, we were navigating a complicated web of disparate manufacturing providers with no single platform to manage our thousands of stores and hundreds of thousands of orders on behalf of our clients," said Andy Martel, Head of Artist Services, OneLive. "Working with Gooten allows our clients to easily access a high-quality, global network of on-demand manufacturing, and for our team to have the tools they need to support more stores and more clients. After many years of trial and error, we finally found the right partner in Gooten, making our growth goals possible."