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Fast Simon Unveils AI-powered Visual Discovery for eCommerce

Matches Customer and Instagram Images to Inventory and Collections, Inspiring Shoppers to Buy, Increasing Cart Size and Conversion

Fast Simon unveiled the AI Visual Discovery Suite for its shopping optimization platform.

Fast Simon’s Visual Discovery lets consumers use images from smartphones, Instagram accounts, or store catalogs to instantly get matching results with a single click. And since Visual Discovery automatically identifies all objects in an image, merchants can “complete a look” for consumers to increase cart size and conversions.

“Images are one of the most powerful inspirations for shoppers, especially in fashion,” said Zohar Gilad, CEO of Fast Simon. “Using advanced AI, we are letting merchants provide their shoppers with a powerful engagement medium - visual discovery - and better adapt to the shifts in users’ shopping experience preferences.”

To date, adding visual discovery functionality to eCommerce sites required complicated and time-consuming software integration. Fast Simon’s AI Visual Discovery Suite adds these capabilities with a single flip of a switch, and a sophisticated dashboard that provides detailed analytics on shopper engagement, conversion and average order value (AOV).

“Fast Simon’s Visual Discovery bridges the gap between visual inspiration and digital commerce. It has enabled our more than 400,000 Instagram followers to be inspired and instantly purchase our unique, hand-crafted looks,” said David Mathey, co-CEO, Rockstar Original. “Giving people the opportunity to discover new ideas has helped them expand their experiences. As a result, we saw a remarkable 400% increase in conversion rate for shoppers engaged in visual discovery.”

Fast Simon is a member of the Shopify PlusCertified App Program, and is available on the Shopify App Store here.