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Fast Simon Simplifies Development of Headless Commerce and Custom Storefronts

Fast Simon (formerly InstantSearch+) unveiled a new React UI Component Library that simplifies integration of AI shopping optimization with headless commerce and custom [Shopify] eCommerce storefronts. The new library allows merchants to increase conversion through speed and AI of its shopping optimization platform including: merchandising, smart collections, search, personalization, visual discovery and cross sell/upsell.

The new React UI Component Library provides ready-made components for pure React single-page application developers and hybrid React/JavaScript storefront developers. The new library includes Collection Page (PLP) Component, Filters Component, Autocomplete Component, Search Page Component (SERP), Product Component (PDP), and more. Using this approach, merchants gain the simplicity and speed of single-page applications, and the full creativity and functionality of custom storefronts that deliver the very best shopping experiences and engagement.

Jonathan Greller, president of digital ventures for Marquee Brands, says of Fast Simon: “At Marquee Brands, we continue to accelerate our digital channels with a focus on being consumer-centric. Partnering with Fast Simon allows our creative team to have full control and flexibility over our digital storefronts.”

Most merchants deploy Fast Simon with just a few clicks and no programming. Earlier this year, Fast Simon unveiled a new SDK. With less than 10 lines of code, the SDK delivers frictionless integration of Fast Simon’s shopping optimization platform with headless eCommerce storefronts. Now, the UI Component Library further simplifies development of custom storefronts with ready-made, plug-and-play React components that fit into any custom storefront, providing a quick and simple integration for developers for a fast, single-page app experience for shoppers.

“Custom storefronts are critical to merchants’ efforts to deliver unique and engaging experiences, but developers are constantly plagued by complex tools and slow development times,” said Zohar Gilad, CEO of Fast Simon. “Built on today’s modern tech stack, Fast Simon’s new UI Component Library offers storefront developers simple and flexible building blocks that deliver a customized experience from traditional eCommerce or headless commerce without slowing down design, deployment or page performance.”

Fast Simon is a member of the Shopify PlusCertified App Program, and is available on the Shopify App Store here.