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Emplifi’s Unveils New Voice of Customer Features to Give Brands AI-Powered Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Capabilities

Emplifi, the leading unified customer experience platform, announced the latest innovative features of its Voice of Customer (VoC) solution, offering Decision AI that elevates the customer experience and improves VoC use cases across marketing, product, sales, and customer service teams. The new updates include pre-packaged managed survey frameworks to help marketing, digital, product, ecommerce, and social media teams measure campaign effectiveness, gather feedback, identify product trends, and amplify shopping experiences.

“Customer expectations are higher than ever. In this new era of customer experience, listening to your audience is critical to a brand’s success. Businesses need access to innovative CX solutions that empower them to be responsive to their customers’ needs in real-time by monitoring customer expectations and perceptions at key stages of the customer journey and offering key customer-centric insights that drive measurable outcomes,” said Emplifi President and Chief Product Officer Alex George.

“With a focus on innovation and an unwavering commitment to evolving our solutions as our customers’ needs change, we built the latest version of Emplifi VoC to give CX teams heightened customer experience capabilities that allow them to make informed, rapid decisions by identifying trends, correcting issues, and tracking audience shifts,” added George.

The newly added Decision AI tool within the Emplifi VoC platform is constantly listening to survey responses to identify important trends and themes, enabling brands to proactively address any CX issues. The information and customer data gathered by Emplifi VoC is easily accessible to team managers and admins via an intuitive dashboard.

Emplifi VoC is now available within the Emplifi Unified CX Cloud, a comprehensive customer experience platform that addresses the full customer journey by giving brands the tools they need to meet customer expectations.