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Drip’s New Brand Boost Program Is Helping Support Ecommerce Businesses

 Drip, the first-of-its-kind ecommerce Customer Relationship Management platform, has launched Brand Boost to support its clients and independent ecommerce businesses through the current economic hardships and COVID-19 pandemic.

Brand Boost is a community of independent ecommerce stores from various industries joining together to help promote and grow each others' reputations during this economic downturn.

The Brand Boost website is live now at drip.com/brand-boost and the sign up page is currently available for ecommerce businesses that would like to be involved at www.drip.com/brand-boost/signup

By filling out a simple form on Drip's website, ecommerce businesses can join Brand Boost and be added to the directory. A different brand will be highlighted on the landing page each week, determined by the order in which ecommerce businesses join.

The initiative began in an effort to help stimulate smaller ecommerce businesses, which tend to be overlooked in favor of other major online retailers. For their part, Drip will handle all the marketing and promotion for Brand Boost, running advertisements, and utilizing their customer base, social channels and partnerships with other ecommerce tools to draw traffic to the website and create awareness for the businesses involved.

The hope is that through creating this community, independent retailers will be able to succeed through this crisis, and help other businesses that are part of Brand Boost.

"Brand independence means thriving during difficult times," Drip said in a statement "We want to help your ecomm shops succeed."