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Delivery Operating System OneRail Launches New Website and Branding

OneRail.com is the new website for OneRail's seamless delivery operating system and eCommerce fulfillment platform. OneRail, the last mile SaaS delivery operating system, introduces a website with all-new content, videos, and resources to help the world's largest brands streamline final mile delivery services from dispatch to doorstep. In addition, prospective customers now have an in-depth view of how OneRail improves current fulfillment solutions by reducing shipping time and cost and enabling brands and retailers to increase sales, with 100 percent visibility for a responsive shipper branded customer experience.

"Our new website shows the true value OneRail adds to the world's largest brands’ current fulfillment platforms," stated Bill Catania, CEO and Founder. "From having access to greater carrier capacity to decreasing overall transportation costs, our website shows how we help."

OneRail is a delivery operating system for streamlining final mile delivery services, from dispatch to doorstep. The platform is a 3-in-1 solution, including a marketplace of 7.5MM couriers, a delivery operating system platform, and a USA-based team of logistics experts who assist with exceptions on the customer’s behalf, 24/7.

"OneRail’s unique solution has proven to generate as much as 70% OPEX savings while reducing transportation costs between 10% to 20%. We have included easy-to-read case studies and hard data on the new website to support how our solution improves existing delivery fulfillment platforms. See OneRail in action and take the first step toward a connected supply chain at OneRail.com," Catania says.