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CPG Brands Can Now Grow Faster with “Instacart Smarts”

Instacart Services Complement BOLD's Existing Walmart, Amazon, and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Specialties

One of the biggest retail winners in 2020 is Instacart. The company's sales are up 29% this year, and the firm now has a 57% share of the online grocery market, surpassing both Walmart and Amazon. This rapid change has challenged Consumer Packaged Good (CPG) brands who, in many cases, haven't yet invested in fully understanding Instacart. With new offerings from Bold Strategies, Inc. ("BOLD"), however, companies can take part in Instacart's explosive growth today!

BOLD has combined 3 important capabilities to enable brands:

• The first is Instacart smart content: Custom product specifications, copy, and imagery are loaded into Instacart's systems to enhance content provided by retailers. This is critical because some retailers may have incomplete or out-of-date information and images in their systems.

• The second is smart ads: BOLD uses proprietary SEO research to create custom keyword marketing strategies and then implements them directly on Instacart's ad network so the brand can be more easily found by shoppers, including on page one of search.

• The third and final capability is smart merchandising: BOLD develops custom growth plans that expertly leverage Instacart's coupons, free shipping offers, and other site merchandising capabilities.

All of these capabilities are enabled by BOLD's FOCUS software suite. This suite combines industry-leading digital asset management, analytics, and campaign management tools to provide clients an integrated all-in-one solution that enables growth not only on Instacart but also on Amazon, Walmart, and DTC.

BOLD President Allan Peretz, a 20-year industry veteran who previously led Procter & Gamble's Global Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) eCommerce team, said: "This is, to our knowledge, the first all-in-one Instacart growth capability for CPG. We've taken what BOLD does best and have made this completely turnkey for our clients. We manage the entire process from assessment, through digital shelf and marketing execution, and into analytics."

BOLD is offering a free strategic consultation to any brand seeking to understand market potential on Instacart. Natalie Krickovic, BOLD's Senior Director of Solutions, explained the opportunity: "We know that Instacart is new to many brands and we want to limit their risk."

"Any brand that wants an expert consultation can schedule one today at www.boldstrategies.com/instacart," said Krickovic.