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Connectly App Recovers Abandoned Shopify Carts & Generates 5X Revenue

WhatsApp marketing platform Connectly has created an AI-powered app to help Shopify store owners recover and generate up to 5X revenue.

WhatsApp is the world’s best-performing communication channel, with a 95% engagement rate. Connectly.ai leverages the power of WhatsApp and multiplies sales by recovering abandoned shopping carts. It also allows Shopify stores to sell products all within a WhatsApp thread.

Connectly’s mini-bots and workflows intrigue customers with reminders and special offers in a conversational style that boosts engagement and revenues.

Connectly is one of only two companies that offer Shopify store owners the ability to build a Shopify cart directly in WhatsApp, making setup and operation fast and easy.

Connectly.ai Features

The app requires no code with quick and easy plug-and-play installation. Shopify carts can be built directly in WhatsApp and include free integration, account and phone number. In addition, automated cart abandonment workflows, messaging and advanced reporting are included, with pay-as-you-go convenience – no hidden charges.

Connectly.ai Cart Recovery Benefits

Two-way conversations convert 5X better than one-way text blasts. You can now automate conversations on WhatsApp at scale with:

  • 99% less spam flagging
  • 30% sales increase
  • 10x cost efficiencies
  • Industry-leading conversion rates over 15%
  • 10x increased engagement rates vs. SMS

About Connectly

Connectly believes businesses need to adopt a message-first mindset to succeed. Their AI-powered platform has enabled companies to operate a full slate of offerings – marketing, sales, transactions, and customer experience – all within the customer’s thread of choice: messaging.

Top-performing companies use Connectly to skyrocket their businesses by promoting two-way customer conversations via WhatsApp. Founded by senior Silicon Valley tech experts Stefanos Loukakos and Yandong Liu, Connectly helps ecommerce business owners use WhatsApp marketing to drive revenue and customer engagement.

For more information, visit https://connectly.ai/.