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Connecting Shopify merchants with the TikTok community

On TikTok, businesses of all sizes are empowered to grow their brands through creative content and storytelling. Since we launched the TikTok For Business platform, we've seen brands around the world make real connections with our users by embracing the culture that makes our platform unique. Social commerce has become an increasingly important channel for merchants to expand their audience, and we're excited to provide simple, scalable solutions that enable businesses to authentically and impactfully engage with the TikTok community. 

Today, we're announcing a global partnership with Shopify that will help more than 1 million merchants create and run campaigns directly geared toward TikTok's highly engaged community. Brands are an important part of the TikTok experience, and we've seen that our community loves connecting with the brands they're passionate about. In a recent study, 88% of TikTok users said that they discover new content that they enjoy while using the app, and about half of users said they discover new products through advertisements posted by a product or brand.* Through this partnership we're making it easier for Shopify merchants to tap into the creativity of the TikTok community, be discovered, and optimize their marketing campaigns.

"We are delighted to partner with Shopify and provide a channel for their merchants to reach new audiences and drive sales on TikTok," said Blake Chandlee, Vice President, Global Business Solutions at TikTok. "As social commerce proliferates, retailers are recognizing that TikTok's creative and highly engaged community sets it apart from other platforms. We're constantly exploring new and innovative ways to connect brands with our users, and Shopify is the perfect partner to help us grow and expand our commerce capabilities globally."

“We’re thrilled to be the first partner to welcome TikTok to the world of commerce, particularly right now, as our merchants prepare for a busy online holiday shopping season,” said Satish Kanwar, Vice President of Product at Shopify. “TikTok is one of the world’s fastest growing entertainment platforms with over 100 million highly engaged users in the US alone. The TikTok channel means Shopify merchants—even those without a strong TikTok following of their own yet—can connect with these new audiences using content that feels authentic and genuine to the TikTok experience.”

New Channel for Shopify Merchants to Engage TikTok Users

Through the new TikTok channel, Shopify merchants can access core functions of the TikTok For Business Ads Manager without leaving the Shopify dashboard. Highlights include: 

  • New, "1-click" pixel: Shopify merchants can install or connect their TikTok Pixel with a click of a button, making it quicker and easier to track conversions.
  • A One-Stop-Shop for TikTok Campaigns: Merchants can create campaigns, target audiences and track performance in one place.
  • Creative Made Simple: Everyone has a story to tell on TikTok, and the TikTok channel enables Shopify merchants to create native, shareable ads that resonate with the community. TikTok's intuitive creative tools help turn merchants' products into high quality TikToks in minutes.
  • Free Ad Credit: Eligible merchants can claim a $300 ad credit to jumpstart their first TikTok campaign. 

We’re excited to build on our partnership with Shopify as we continue to explore both paid and organic opportunities that bring value to businesses and help grow their audience on TikTok. As a part of our partnership, we’ll also start testing new commerce features that make it even easier for our users to discover Shopify merchants and shop their products within the app.

Amplifying Black-Owned Businesses on TikTok

We're also partnering with Shopify to introduce #ShopBlack, our first-ever co-branded Hashtag Challenge Plus (HTC+) that will celebrate and amplify Black-owned businesses, and empower Black entrepreneurs to share their journey and inspiration as a business owner within the TikTok community. The in-app campaign will also include a custom branded effect, music and content from top creators. From November 10-15, the TikTok community will be able to explore products from more than 40 Shopify merchants directly through the #ShopBlack hashtag and branded effect.

At TikTok, we work each and every day to foster an open, supportive community that democratizes entrepreneurship and elevates the voices of Black creators. The honest and educational stories that Black entrepreneurs share on our platform have inspired our users, who are eager to discover and buy from Black-owned businesses. Posts using #BlackOwnedBusinesses and #SupportBlackOwnedBusinesses have generated over 210 million views, showing how the TikTok community comes together to support and empower each other.

"#ShopBlack is an incredible opportunity for us to reach new audiences and tell our story on TikTok," said Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu, founder and CEO of soleRebels, a made-to-order sustainable footwear brand. "As a mission-driven company that employs dozens of artisans in Ethiopia, we're excited to share our unique journey as a Black-owned business with the TikTok community. We're thrilled that our business and products will be featured through #ShopBlack, and we love the support that TikTok and Shopify are showing Black entrepreneurs through this campaign."

We're proud to partner with Shopify, an industry leader in promoting Black-owned businesses, and pass the mic to the Black entrepreneurs who help make our platform so special. To support Black-owned businesses or share your own story on TikTok, follow or participate in the #ShopBlack hashtag challenge starting on November 10. 

The TikTok channel for Shopify is now available in the US, and will become available in other select markets throughout North America, Europe and Southeast Asia in early 2021. To learn more, visit the TikTok Business Help Center here.

*Statistics based on the custom Nielsen Authenticity Study commissioned by TikTok, 5/1/2020-6/19/2020. All persons 18+.