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Cin7 Automation Bots Give Valuable Time Back to Product Businesses

Automation Bots reduce up to 80% of the time it takes for end-users to complete specific complex, routine and common workflows in Cin7, increasing efficiency, reducing errors and minimizing overall costs

Cin7, a pioneer in cloud-based inventory management software (IMS) and point-of-sale (POS) solutions, has introduced a new set of automation tools that give product-focused businesses more time to focus on building their brand and serving their customers. Automation Bots allow staff to focus more on the non-routine tasks and responsibilities that are best done by humans.

"Automation Bots take care of the boring work that nobody wants to do," said Danny Ing, Cin7's Founder and Chief Innovation Officer. "That means our customers' staff have more time to do great work, be creative, solve problems and make their business thrive."

Today, Cin7 has powered up six Automation Bots that save businesses a lot of time every day:

Batch eCommerce Order Bot—Simplifies the processes for syncing eCommerce orders with your accounting software.

• Sales Order Email Bot—Creates fast, efficient sales order-related communication for superior customer service.

Branch Replenishment Bot—Eliminates manual data analysis when optimizing inventory across multiple stock locations.

• Intercompany Bots—Three Automation Bots that eliminate tasks related to TransactionsStock Visibility, and Price Mapping between linked Cin7 accounts.

Coming soon, Cin7 will roll out Automation Bots for dropship purchase ordersproduction jobssales order updates and other workflows.

"This is just the start," said Ing. "We want our software to work harder and smarter, giving more time back to our customers."