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ChargeSentry ends e-commerce merchant revenue loss by responding to and winning chargebacks automatically.

ChargeSentry Inc. announces the launch of its frictionless chargeback response service targeted for the massive underserved small and medium sized merchant market.

Existing chargeback response services have neglected the small and medium-sized merchant market for years – often demanding lengthy contracts, charging expensive monthly fees, requiring considerable integration, and heavily relying on merchants' data to respond to chargebacks. Great for large enterprise merchants with high budgets, huge chargeback volume, and unique business needs, but falling short in servicing the growing small and medium-sized merchant industry.

ChargeSentry solves these challenges for merchants by offering budget-minded monthly pricing, eliminating integration with instant payment processor connections, enriching chargeback details with fact-based information to increase win rates, and completely automating all chargeback responses – requiring no additional effort from the merchant.

ChargeSentry further enhances their service with an industry-first guarantee: if their customers don't win the value of their subscription, they get their money back, which ensures a 100% return on their investment.

"Coming from the eCommerce industry, we found out pretty quickly that responding to a growing number of chargebacks was quite painful, time consuming, and never really resulted in a good return on investment, even at a small scale. We developed ChargeSentry to address the growing needs of merchants facing challenges responding and winning chargebacks. At our core we provide an easy-to-use chargeback response service that even the smallest or most-novice merchant could use ", says Jack Shenon, CEO and Founder of ChargeSentry. 

Millions of merchants all around the world lose billions of dollars each year to chargebacks, and a significant portion of those chargebacks never get recovered because the merchant never responds to them.

Research shows that over 60% of small and medium sized merchants completely ignore responding to chargebacks or fail to provide effective responses, which results in poor chargeback recovery win-rates.

Jack Shenon goes on to say, "There's no reason why merchants should consider chargebacks as another business expense.  We built ChargeSentry to eliminate merchant's effort and end their chargeback revenue loss".