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Chargebee Announces its Spring 2021 Product Updates to Simplify the Complexities of Fast Growing Subscription Businesses.

Release includes a complete redesign of the Chargebee Product Catalog, accelerating the speed at which businesses launch product lines, enter markets, and accept new currencies.

 Chargebee, the industry-leading subscription billing and revenue management platform, today announced the general availability of its Spring 2021 Product Release. With this release, Chargebee has started delivering on its promise to enable every business to realize faster time to value as they scale their subscription revenue operations.

Subscription-based business models have seen explosive growth in the last few years. According to Gartner, over 80% of traditional businesses will launch and scale their recurring revenue offerings. Chargebee has championed this change by enabling thousands of global businesses in SaaS, retail, eLearning, e-commerce, publishing, OTT, and even traditional businesses in F&B and automobiles to realize value through subscriptions rapidly.

"For a business today, the biggest barrier to scaling up is its speed of execution. Businesses need to be able to analyze market trends and respond quickly through product, pricing, and expansion strategies", said Krish Subramanian, co-founder, and CEO, Chargebee. "Chargebee is designed to enable businesses to experiment and scale their subscription revenue workflow and move strategy from the boardroom to the real world."

With the Chargebee Spring 2021 Release, the company enables both traditional and subscription-first businesses to diversify their revenue by offering hybrid models with both one-time and recurring product options.

For any subscription business looking to streamline their product inventory and experiment with their pricing, bundling, and packaging options; the release includes Chargebee's completely redesigned Product Catalog that allows businesses to model SKUs and roll out product, pricing, and currency changes in minutes.

"With Chargebee's Product Catalog, it is super simple to sell multiple products in multiple countries while handling all currencies and taxation compliances," said Kevin Owens, CPO, Doodle AG. "One would have to be crazy to build their subscription management system when they can quickly implement Chargebee to manage their subscriptions."

Chargebee's Spring 2021 release also enables businesses to capture the fast-growing subscription market in Europe through capabilities explicitly designed to navigate payments, compliance, and service needs of customers across the continent, including support for iDEAL payments through Stripe in the Netherlands and automated tax compliance for businesses selling into the UK following Brexit.

The company also announced significant enhancements to its "first and only" One-Click Reconciliation capability, allowing CFOs and finance leaders to configure their finance workflows once and automatically match their books with the bank after that.

"Scaling companies seek revenue diversification through global expansion, new product lines, and price optimization," said Nathan Bobbin, VP- Product, Chargebee. "This latest release provides businesses from startups to large enterprises the flexibility to quickly test and implement such strategies."