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9 Signs Ecommerce Retailers Should Invest in Third-Party Fulfillment

Today's savvy consumer expects their online purchases to be delivered accurately and quickly each and every time. With the growing popularity of e-commerce, consumer expectations continue to rise. If your ecommerce business is missing the mark, your sales and customer service will suffer.

Speed Commerce, a provider of third-party (3PL) fulfillment services, has seen this play out with many of its clients. "We often have retailers come to us because their ecommerce order fulfillment operations just can't keep up. Their business has grown too rapidly, or they're dealing with rising costs, and something along the line has caused it to become too difficult to handle on their own. That's where we come in and take over their fulfillment operations," shared Michael Plichta, Sales Manager, Speed Commerce. "We work with our clients to handle their business just like they would. Our contracts include minimum performance expectations, and we seek to exceed those expectations every month."

Speed Commerce released the white paper: "­­­­9 Signs You Should Invest In Third-Party Fulfillment" to help ecommerce companies identify a what point they need to outsource their operations.

Every business has performance metrics they aspire to maintain or exceed. In ecommerce, those metrics can include order accuracy, next-day shipping rates, days to delivery, and returns turnaround. The white paper analyzes the top indicators of lagging performance. These indicators range from missed delivery targets to failures in product returns.

To get an inside peek into what it takes to run a successful ecommerce fulfillment operation, you can download the white paper at www.SpeedCommerce.com/White-Paper/.